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Exciting news! Pre-order “Homeward Bound” by May 7, we donate $1 to help families.

Hi guys. I’ve got big news, and a very special request:

If you’re thinking about buying a copy of Homeward Bound, I would love it if you could pre-order it on Amazon orIndieBound by May 7 (the book’s release date).

Why? Because, for every copy sold by May 7, we will donate $1 to the National Partnership for Women and Families. This is an awesome, four-star charity which works to further fairness in the workplace and other policies to “help women and men meet the dual demands of work and family.” They fight for things like equal pay for men and women, paid sick days, and anti-pregnancy discrimination legislation.

Since so much of Homeward Bound is about the continued difficulties of raising a family while balancing work and life in America (the ONLY developed country with no mandatory paid maternity leave!), it seems appropriate that some of the proceeds of the book should go towards fighting for better conditions for all our families. I would love it if you could help make this happen!

How to participate:

– Pre-order your book on Amazon HERE or IndieBound HERE.

– Send me an email ( or a Tweet (@emilymatchar) with the words “pre-ordered.”

Share via social media to encourage more donations:

Twitter: I pre-ordered Homeward Bound. Join the movement & @emilymatchar will give $1 to @NPWF#homewardbound

Facebook Status: I just pre-ordered Homeward Bound at Amazon/IndieBound. Do the same and author Emily Matchar will donate $1 to the National Partnership for Women and Families! Just email her at or Tweet her at @emilymatchar to say you’ve pre-ordered.

Here are some kind words from people that have read my book so far:

“The brilliance of Emily Matchar’s new book is that it exhaustively describes what disillusioned workers are opting into: a slower, more sustainable, and more self-sufficient lifestyle that’s focused on the home. Matchar synthesizes dozens of trend stories … into a single, compelling narrative about the resurgence of domesticity….Refreshing.”  –The New Republic

“Cogently argues that choosing a more hands-on, DIY lifestyle – family farming, canning, crafting, can, without sacrificing feminism’s hard-won gains, improve on an earlier time when ‘people lived more lightly on the earth and relied less on corporations, and family and community came first.'” – ELLE

“A lively and perceptive reporter… [Matchar] offers a valuable and astute assessment of the factors that led to the current embracing of domesticity and the consequences of this movement.”—Publishers Weekly

“A well-researched look at the resurgence of home life…. Offers intriguing insight into the renaissance of old-fashioned home traditions.”— Kirkus Reviews

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